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December 2015

On 15th December we held another little showing of the film at the Royal Naval Associaion in Lincoln. Over a year since the premiere and with Christmas on the horizon it seemed apt to view the film again, and it was a chance for people involved in the film who didn't make the premiere to finally get to see it.


The second ever showing of Shadows


We know there are still actors / extras / musicians who haven't yet seen the film, so hopefully in the new year we'll have one or two more showings. We'll put the word out when we have plans! In the meantime, happy new year, Strangers, and all the best for 2016. Who knows what this year shall bring...

23rd September 2014

The day has finally happened... The premiere of Shadows of a Stranger took place on Sunday at the Odeon Cinema in Lincoln to an invited audience of cast, crew, friends, family and media. It was a grand location for a truly magical evening and we had some lovely comments afterwards – even the projectionist said he enjoyed it!

The question we were often asked, "How's the film coming along?", is naturally now being followed by "So what happens next?" Whilst we recharge our batteries after the hectic period leading up to the premiere, we are also giving a great deal of thought about the way forward. We have always hoped for great things with Shadows of a Stranger, and that is what we continue to aim for.

12th September 2014

This week we had a technical rehearsal at the Odeon Cinema in Lincoln as we prepare for our premiere for cast and crew later this month. We were very relieved to see that the DCP we’d been working hard to create worked perfectly on the Odeon projectors, and it was a thrill to see our film on the big screen. It also means we can relax a little bit as we get closer to unveiling the film to our audience. It's going to be a very exciting night, something we've been looking forward to all these years. We're also looking forward to catching up with our fellow Strangers on the night!


Shadows of a Stranger on the big screen of the Lincoln Odeon.

3rd August 2014

After years of waiting, the day is finally here... work on Shadows of a Stranger is now complete! We have a final film!

It has been an epic journey, having worked with some amazingly talented people, and it with great relief and satisfaction that we stand upon the mountain that is creating a 2 hour feature film on blue screen with very little budget. But 4 years on from filming, we are finally there. It was quite eerie the significance of the day that we first announced completion, as you can read about here.

"So when will we get to see it?" we hear you ask. Well, our next steps will be to organise a showing for cast and crew which is looking to be in September. We have also taken steps to getting Shadows into film festivals. We'll bring you any news when we have it...

A still from the final film

21st June 2014

It was an exciting week in Shadowsland as we viewed a screener version of the film with a little test audience. It was the first time that anyone besides Chris and Rich have viewed the film, and it went down rather well indeed!


The screener audience


The viewing gave us a final list of amendments we need to make to the film before it is totally finished. We're somewhere around the 99% mark right now. So in reality we only need to spend a few more sessions on the film before we have a final product.

We've already been thinking ahead to film festivals, but before that we're also now starting to look at dates for when we can sit down with cast, crew and friends to watch the film that all have worked so hard on.

Stay tuned. Shadows of a Stranger will soon be released upon the world!


7th March 2014

We reached a bit of a milestone in the post production last night as we sat down to watch an edit of all the visual effects. For the first time we were able to see what our vision and our five years of hard work is leading to. Viewing the film, albeit without any sound effects or music, was quite an experience. We were really pleased with how our visuals have come together, and to see all the performances come to life so well. It was a very exciting and inspiring evening.

So what's next? Well, we have a small handful of alterations to make to some of the visuals, and one or two extra shots to do. We also have a lot of trimming to do, cutting down the running time to a sizable length. Then we're left with creating soundscapes, adding foley sounds, and finally adding our glorious soundtrack. This project has been a very long marathon, but we hope the final stages will be more of a sprint. We're getting there!


2nd January 2014

Happy New Year again! These years sure are going by quickly. This year will actually mark 5 years since pre-production work began on Shadows of a Stranger. It will also mark the conclusion of the project as we finally release this film upon the world. We know that we've said that in previous years, but with the massive amount of work that has now been completed, we can't not finish this year.

With just a tiny amount of visual fx work left to do, we'll then be on to the much simpler phases of post-production, final editing and audio (the latter of which we've already completed a lot of).

So expect more exciting signs of progress in the coming months, and, after 5 long years, we'll also be able to soon see exactly when the finish line will be.

20th August 2013

Happy New Year! Oh wait… it’s already August.  I guess we must have been busy.  Yes, this year we’ve been soldiering on with the visual effects, and without wanting to sound repetitive, there hasn’t been much call for updates. As it’s now 8 months since our last general update, it’s probably time for another, if only to let you know that this film is still alive!

At the start of the year we came up with a schedule that saw us completing the film by the end of the year.  This summer we’ve had one or two significant problems, but as we stand now, things are back on track.  The most satisfying thing to report is that in terms of the visual effects we are now at the 90% mark in proceedings.  The visual effects stage has always been the Mount Everest of challenges in our project, and now, like two mountaineers facing the Hillary Step, we’re about to go for that summit push. 

Once the visual effects are complete, everything else will be as simple as sledging down from the top of the mountain (which I know isn't actually the method of getting down Everest but just humour me).  In fact, Chris has already made a big advancement on the sound front, and our musical soundtrack was recorded back in 2011.  So it mainly leaves us with foley work, which really does seem like a doddle after having been working on these visual effects for the past two years.


Chris as Xander, visual effects nearing completion.

So we’re probably on course to finish around the end of the year.  If we don’t, it won’t be far into 2014 when we do complete, and it's very likely we're looking at a 2014 premiere anyway.  One thing's for sure though, at long last Shadows of a Stranger is taking serious shape now...

11th December 2012

Although things may seem a bit quite over here in Shadowsland, rest assured that post production is continuing at a very intensive level. As we've said many times before, this is a massive project and we're a small team, so whilst our last goal was to complete the film by the end of the year... unfortunately we're still not even close. But we are working towards it as passionately and as dedicatedly as before. Hopefully next year...


Post Production In the Works - Ian Mude as David Sherborne

So until completion, updates are going to be sporadic here as there isn't a great deal to say other than what we've already said - our Twitter and Facebook channels however will give better signs of life. One item you would have got from these regards an interview we gave to a website, which was pretty detailed and gives a good insight into the project. You can read it here.

As we get into the new year, hopefully we'll be able to give more detailed answers to the questions we are asked most: "How far through it are you now?" and: "When will it be finished?"

Until then Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013...

5th July 2012

Colin McFarlane recording ADR for Shadows of a StrangerHalfway through the year and it has been an exciting one so far in Shadowsland. We're thrilled to report that the voice of The Cube (and many other things) Colin McFarlane came to Shadows HQ in Sleaford the other day to do his dialogue recording. It was a mouthwatering performance and it feels something of a milestone to now have everyone's performance 'in the can'.

As you'll no doubt have noticed on our homepage, we've also released the second in our trilogy of teaser trailers, this time narrated by the lovely Sarah Jane Honeywell.

For the second half of the year we're now putting even more focus on the visual effects work so that, fingers crossed, we'll have a completed film by the end of the year. As always there is still plenty to do, but we're now doubling our efforts like a Death Star commander awaiting the arrival of a dark lord of the Sith.


22nd March 2012

Colin McFarlaneIt is with great excitement that we can announce the final casting in our production. Taking on a voice role in Shadows will be The Voice himself, Hollywood actor Colin McFarlane who appeared in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Colin lends his voice to many television advertisements, animated characters, and is also the voice of ITV's The Cube. Although we are well into post production, Colin's addition to the film now gives us our complete cast list. We are absolutely thrilled to be working with him.

We can also report that earlier in March we showed a sneak preview of the film at Lincoln Shorts, a short film evening held at the Drill Hall. A teasing 2 minute sequence from our opening scenes was played to a packed auditorium.

It is now coming up to 2 years since we lost our fellow Stranger James Aubrey, and if you haven't seen it yet, our tribute video is available on Youtube (and the Videos page) where we talk about our memories of the great man and his involvement in Shadows.


17th January 2012

We're off to a flying start already this year. On Saturday 14th we held our final filming day, at the Hub in Sleaford, inviting people to come and be extras for the day. It was a great turnout with some very sporting and enthusiastic individuals - a fun way to see out filming. Thank you to all who attended.


Filming of Shadows of a Stranger has now taken place within three different years, with 100 different people having filmed with us on our blue screens.

The day after the Hub filming we were then in the showroom of Sleaford piano specialists White and Sentance. We are extremely grateful for them letting us use a £10,000 grand piano for the afternoon.

2nd January 2012

Happy New Year from the Shadows team!

So the plan is that 2012 will be the year that our long awaited film is finally completed and released to the world, so we've got a very exciting year ahead.

The final months of 2011 saw us plough on with visual effects, and with the festivities out the way we'll be getting back to that mammoth workload.

Coming up this month we've also got our final filming day on Shadows, as we have one more extras day. On Saturday 14th we'll be back at the Hub in Sleaford where we had our auditions. We'll be filming between 1pm and 4pm on our mini blue screen and hoping for a good turnout. We have lots of pub / club scenes that we need to populate so it's an easy task! If you can make it, we'd love to see you down there.

26th September 2011

So, as we were saying, September has proved to be an eventful month for us with more pick ups filmed, and our choral soundtrack recorded. We can now reveal that our two new cast members are Barnaby Edwards (chief Dalek in the new Doctor Who series and a director of Big Finish Doctor Who audios) and Ian Cullen (Ixta in the Doctor Who story The Aztecs, also of Z-Cars and Family Affairs). We set up our studio at the Live Lounge in Sleaford and we're very grateful that they were so accommodating (it looks like it's going to be a great venue for our town). We had a thoroughly excellent day and filmed some amazing performances.

The day before this filming we convened at Billingborough Church to record the Cantemus choir with Geoff Daley as our sound engineer for the evening. We're absolutely thrilled with the music we have for our soundtrack. Many thanks to all involved (including Liz Hill who allowed us in the church).

25th August 2011

Production update: The release of the first teaser trailer has garnered some interesting and encouraging responses as people have at last been treated to a taste of what's to come with Shadows. It has now been a year since filming wrapped (almost to the day) so it certainly has been a long road. While the visual effects continue to be compiled, the team are also gearing up for a busy September. It will include the recording of a live chamber choir as we aim to produce a soundtrack that befits the quality and ambition of our film, and also the second round of pick-up filming. Within this filming we have one or two very important days scheduled as we welcome some exciting additions to our cast - watch this space, especially if you are a Doctor Who fan.

20th July 2011

Welcome to the new look Shadows of a Stranger website. As post production continues, the filmmakers will be creating two more teaser trailers leading up to the release of the film. Be sure to check back here to stay up to date. You can also follow the filmmakers' progress on Facebook and Twitter, along with reading Richard's production blogs on Blogger.