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Shadows of a Stranger Teaser 1 (July 2011)

The first in a trilogy of teaser trailers, narrated by Colin Baker.

The Original Shadows of a Stranger Showpiece Video (August 2009)

A year before production began, this video was shot in a Lincolnshire pub by Brad, Chris and Richard. Picking a sample scene from the script, the idea behind the showpiece video was to see if the script could be brought to life, and to demonstrate to people what the goal of the film was and how it would look.



James Aubrey - In The Shadows (2012)

During pick up filming in October 2011, Ian Mude, Oliver Fabian, and French actress Sarah Barzyk-Aubrey shared their reflections and memories of our late friend, the actor James Aubrey. In January 2012 the filmmakers then returned to the Hub to complete filming, the same room where Jimmy had overseen auditions.

Post Production Video Diary 3 (March 2014)

To prove they were still working on the film, Chris and Rich shot a belated video diary. Leading up to the end of post production, the blue screen was given a final outing on one more filming day.

Post Production Video Diary 2 (October 2011)

A year into post production Chris and Rich reflected on a busy September which included recording the Cantemus choir for the Shadows soundtrack, and filming pick ups with Barnaby Edwards and Ian Cullen.

Post Production Video Diary 1 (March 2011)

As the editing of the rough cut was almost complete, Chris and Richard recorded this video diary so that people could see what they'd been working on since production wrapped.

Colin Baker Talks About Shadows of a Stranger (June 2010)

While Colin was at Billywood Studio, he and Richard recorded an interview with Rod Whiting from BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

Pre-Production Interviews (December 2009)

Shot by students from Nottingham's Confetti Studios, Richard and Kit were interviewed at the Hub in Sleaford about the planning and vision for Shadows.