Daily Archives: December 14, 2017

Shadows Wins Film Festival Award

anglicon awardShadows of a Stranger was shown this month at the Anglicon Film Festival in Seattle, and we are delighted to announce that the film picked up the judges’ award for Best Feature!

Anglicon is a film festival that, as the name suggests, celebrates all things British, with a leaning towards Doctor Who, so our film was a natural fit for the event, particularly as Shadows is set during the lead up to Christmas! Attending the festival were the 5th and 7th incarnations of the Doctor, Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy, so we sort of plugged the gap between them seeing as our film stars Colin Baker!

Sadly we weren’t able to attend the event – it’s a long way from Sleaford to Seattle! But we hope that you all enjoyed the film over there. Thanks for watching and thanks for the award!

Check out the Anglicon website for more information on the event.