Shadows Characters Appear in New Book

Broken Melody by Joseph KielWhilst there has never been any plans for a sequel to Shadows of a Stranger, the writer has instead come up with a novel that features some of the Shadows characters in cameos. Broken Melody was released just last month and is set in the same story-world of Meridian, with some of the film locations also featuring and being explored in greater and more intriguing depth.

The story is about a young and carefree student called Melody who wakes up one morning with a ‘fangover’ and must go on a frantic and twisted journey to find the vampire who infected her before she too will turn into a blood-sucking creature of the night. There’s a definite shift in tone with this story, with a lot of twisted and adult humour, not to mention the introduction of supernatural creatures to Meridian!

The book is available on Amazon in eBook and paperback form. Please do check it out and also stay tuned for some further Shadows-related releases in the near future!

Shadows Wins Film Festival Award

anglicon awardShadows of a Stranger was shown this month at the Anglicon Film Festival in Seattle, and we are delighted to announce that the film picked up the judges’ award for Best Feature!

Anglicon is a film festival that, as the name suggests, celebrates all things British, with a leaning towards Doctor Who, so our film was a natural fit for the event, particularly as Shadows is set during the lead up to Christmas! Attending the festival were the 5th and 7th incarnations of the Doctor, Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy, so we sort of plugged the gap between them seeing as our film stars Colin Baker!

Sadly we weren’t able to attend the event – it’s a long way from Sleaford to Seattle! But we hope that you all enjoyed the film over there. Thanks for watching and thanks for the award!

Check out the Anglicon website for more information on the event.

Shadows of a Stranger is Released on Amazon Video

Shadows of a Stranger film posterIt is a monumental day in Shadowsland as today, exactly 8 years on from when pre-production properly began on the film (read about that day on writer Richard Dutton’s website), Shadows of a Stranger has officially now been released for the first time.

The film can be viewed through Amazon Video which is available in four different territories: the UK, the USA, Germany / Austria, and Japan. Viewers have the option to buy a digital copy of the film, rent it, or Amazon Prime customers can view the film for free.

Already on we have had a review of 5 stars, so we hope that this is a sign that the film is finding its audience at long last. We look forward to hearing more reflections on our film so please do let us know what you think to it!

Welcome to the new Shadows website!

Welcome to the new Shadows of a Stranger website, as we gear up to finally release the film upon the world! The main trailer of the film has now been released – check it out on the Home page or Trailers page and stay tuned for the imminent release of Shadows of a Stranger